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Last updated November 20, 2018
Music Call In - The Elder
Mischief - Son of Jay
BooksA Memory of Light (Wheel of Time Series #14) Kindle Edition ($9.99)
Some Clever Title : A Foxtrot Collection Blah Blah Blah ($12.91)
Rat's Wars: A Pearls Before Swine Collection ($13.37)
Video None
Food & Drink
1/2 bottle of Sauterne
Wine (red & white)

Loose Leaf Black Tea
  • Bolder Breakfast (I especially like this one...and I'm out of it...have been for a few weeks...kind of miss it...anywho...)
  • Mile High Chai
  • Assam Tea - Organic
  • Qu Hao Silk - Organic
  • Or others but avoid bergamot, lavender (flowery in general), Earl Grey, and super-fruity teas.
Computer/Electronics New TV for living room
Lee Regular Fit straight Leg Jeans, 32x30, Light Stone (27.99)
Lee Regular Fit straight Leg Jeans, 32x30, Double Black (31.90)
Good quality T-shirts (a lot of mine have developed holes)
Pajamas (or Pajama bottoms, at least)
Mickey Christmas Shirt (Dark Heather, Medium - $29.99)
Kitchen One more set of spice jars (16.95 + Prime)
Toys & Games
Munchkin ($15.10)
Lionel FasTrack Figure-8 Track Pack ($73.99 - Some hobby sites list this cheaper but I don't know anything about them)
Lionel Covered Bridge ($59.99)
Arts & Crafts
Sporting Goods2 bike locks ($10.99)
Grill Gazebo ($89.99)